Thursday, 30 March 2017

PREP Sight Words

I have added the sight word sheets to the Prep Folder so that you may print off a sheet of sight words to work on.

They may be accessed here.

Please use only one sheet at a time. When most words are known (6 or 7) the next sheet may be introduced.

You will also find in the folder pages to print and make flash cards with.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Grade 1 Spelling

From week 3 Grade One students will have spelling words to learn at home, as part of their homework.
Here are links to many suggestions on ways to practise spelling words at home.

72 ways to practise words

75 fun ways to practise words

Pinterest has lots more great ideas. Click here

Grade 1 Online Learning Songs

We use educational songs and video clips most days at school, to engage students, learn new skills, and practise those known. 
Each week grade one students will have some learning songs to listen to, as part of their homework tasks. 
This is optional but beneficial to their learning.

To make these easier to access I have created a playlist.
This may be found here: Online Learning Songs

Free APPs for Home

I have stumbled across this site, which has weekly lists of Apple iPad APPs that are free for a limited time. 
These are just for home use, and not required for school iPads.

Prep Online Learning

Here is a link to a page I created with online learning for Prep students.
This was designed a few years ago to be used on a computer, and as we are now moving towards iPad Apps the page will no longer be updated. (Therefore you may also find a few of the links no longer work.)

Prep Online Learning

Thursday, 26 January 2017


Welcome to the Prep 3 / 1S Blog.
This year the blog will be used to publish information relevant to your child's learning at school.
It will have links to further information and online resources.
It will also have a folder of class newsletters and information which has been sent home.

You may access the class folders here:
Grade 1